RoadVista Announces Upgrades to StripeMaster II Pavement Marker Retroreflectometer

RoadVista Announces Upgrades to StripeMaster II Pavement Marker Retroreflectometer

Industry-leading pavement-marking system now features internal GPS and printer

RoadVista, a Gamma Scientific company, recently announced enhancements to its Stripemaster II, a 30-meter geometry, pavement-marking retroreflectometer. The system now incorporates an internal global-positioning system (GPS), an internal printer and the capacity to store up to 10,000 datapoints (more than three times the capacity of its nearest competitor). The instrument is ideally suited for measuring the retroreflectivity of pavement markings on dry surfaces (per ASTM E1710 and EN 1436) and wet surfaces (per ASTM E2076 and ASTM E2077).

Lightweight and wheel mounted, Stripemaster II is designed for quick and easy measurement in the field. At the push of a button, the user captures an individual datapoint, global position and timestamp simultaneously. Press another button for hardcopy output on the spot. The user can export data via RS-232 communications into any traffic inventory system or standard computer; data transfer is simple with Gamma Scientific's datalogging software. RoadVista's mapping software also allows the user to plot all data on a clickable and printable map to quickly identify problem areas that need attention. Moreover, microprocessor-controlled calibration ensures the utmost in data accuracy.

In spite its wealth of features, Stripemaster II is the smallest, lightest weight and lowest cost pavement-marking system on the market. It is also the most rugged - while competing systems are packaged in hard-plastic casings, Stripemaster II is the only unit to feature an aluminum case that readily withstands the rigors of everyday field use.

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