Potters Industries Creates New Pavement-Marking Management Division

Laserlux CEN30

RETROTECH offers pavement-marking installation assistance, inspection and performance audits; RoadVista's Laserlux® CEN 30 mobile retroreflectometer plays significant role

Potters Industries Inc., a leading manufacturer of engineered glass materials for the highway safety, polymer additive, metal finishing and conductive particle markets, has leveraged its highway-safety expertise and global network of offices to create a new pavement-marking management division. RETROTECH will provide technical-service solutions for the pavement-marking industry on a localized level. Services include pavement-marking installation assistance, inspection and performance audits.

"RETROTECH is committed to providing customers with the support and training resources they need – when and where they need them – to install, service and maintain high-quality pavement markings," said Chris Davies, technical service manager of Potters Industries. "Our seasoned field troubleshooters provide quick resolution to problems and ensure the highest levels of pavement-marking quality. Additionally, our premium support and training will improve a crew's installation abilities or an inspector's knowledge and confidence."

The division owns a diverse range of retroreflection measurement equipment to respond quickly and effectively to pavement-marking evaluation requests. Most noteworthy is the RoadVista Laserlux® CEN 30 mobile retroreflectometer. The system features industry-standard 30-meter geometry and automated, real-time measurement capability. "This vehicle-mounted system provides quick, simple, reliable, objective and inexpensive measurements at highway speeds," Davies explained. "It is key to collecting a statistically representative sample, without hindering the flow of traffic, nor putting human operators at undue risk."

The Laserlux CEN 30 mobile retroreflectometer provides measurement repeatability within a tolerance of 10%, as measured under supervised testing by the FHWA. The system enables RETROTECH to perform such applications as implementing pavement standards, planning re-striping strategies, measuring performance of different materials-application methods, holding contractors accountable and establishing a pavement-marking management database. "The Laserlux CEN 30 retroreflectometer is a proven, effective tool for ensuring that contractors are putting down a good stripe," Davies continued. "In our experience, all DOTs that use the Laserlux CEN 30 in their quality-control programs have seen an increase in the retroreflectivity of their markings."

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