Stripemaster® 3 Pavement Marking Retroreflectometer

Pavement markings are an important asset component to the roadway system. Proper management of this asset requires the gathering, analysis. and monitoring of  multiple characteristics  of the  markings. The StripeMaster® 3 adds full assessment and post measurement  analysis  features. With the StripeMaster® 3, the marking's retroreflectivity, color, type, size, material, and much more can be easily entered and stored for effective and detailed post-measurement analysis and management; assisting in the efficient and comprehensive management of this important asset.

With three models to choose from, you can select the product that fits your agency's or company's needs and budget the best.

*StripeMaster® 3 is the replacement product for our StripeMaster® 2 Touch Retroreflectometer which has been discontinued*

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The StripeMaster® 3 retroreflectometer is an all-in-one pavement marking asset management system enabling agencies and contractors with fast and reliable insight into pavement markings for increased safety on roadways, highways and airfields. Field proven and easy-to-use functionality provide operators increased safety with rapid measurements of road marking retroreflection and visibility. 


It is lightweight and simple to operate with a retractable handle. Simply click on handle to open, place, shoot, read and record for comprehensive testing and full discernment of the retroreflectivity of road stripes. There is little training needed with a large, intuitive touch screen interface providing the operator immediate data in the field, as well as data retrieval capability after in-field measurements.

Safe Workers and Motorists

  • Lightweight, balanced operation without requiring the operator to bend down
  • Reduces a worker’s time in-roadway, while offering a quick and easy method of determining retroreflectivity, daytime luminance factor (Qd), and nighttime color values


Simple Setup and Use

  • Auto-lifting, retractable handle with 7-inch touch screen display for easy operation
  • Built-in GPS and printer for immediate on-site records
  • Full asset management tool with data fields to enter additional information about the pavement markings, including Pass/Fail criteria.
  • Includes easy-to-use software for data management - create tabular data reports, KML and Shape files for easy visualization and GIS management
  • Included interchangeable battery pack, charger & calibration standard


Robust, Reliable and Field-Proven

  • Ruggedized light source, & commercial-grade rechargeable battery


Comprehensive Data Management

  • Onsite data management and on-demand printing available in the field
  • Easy data export for complete documentation and tracking
  • Uploading collected data to a computer is easy with USB or Bluetooth connectivity.
Data ParametersSM3-RLSM3-RL-QDSM3-RL-QD-C
Measures retroreflectivity RL per ASTM E1710 and EN1436      X         X             X
Measures daylight visibility Qd per ASTM E2302 and EN1436          X             X
Measures night-time retroreflected CIE chromaticity per ASTM D6628 and EN1436               X
Measures retroreflectivity in continuous wetting (rain) per ASTM E2832      X         X             X
Measures retroreflectivity in wet conditions per ASTM E2177      X         X             X
Records GPS coordinates with each measurement utilizing 56-Channel WAAS-, EGNOS-, MSAS-enabled for <2.5 meter position fix uncertainty.      X         X             X
Optional averaging of multiple measurements      X         X             X
Custom file information for storing job name / type / user      X         X             X
Extensive measurement range for accurate low to high precision range      X         X             X
Large memory capacity to accommodate large projects between data downloads      X         X             X
USB computer interface for data transfer and instrument configuration      X         X             X
Data integration software compatible with Excel and Google Maps      X         X             X
Calibration certification      X         X             X
Temperature and humidity recorded with each measurement      X         X             X
User customized data fields –location on road, install date, material type, etc.      X         X             X
User customized settings for pass / fail criteria      X         X             X


Design Parameters
Built-in printer for on-site paper records as required
Built-in USB flash drive port for on-site digital records as required
Auto-lifting, retractable  handle for easy operation and storage
Two conveniently located trigger buttons for simple left or right one-handed operation
Quick charge battery charger
7-inch color touch screen interface
Certified calibration block for easy and fast field calibration
Durable carrying case for storage and transport
Accurately measures all industry standard colors
Bluetooth interface for wireless operation
Rechargeable long lasting LiFePO4 battery


General Specifications
Detector ResponsivityPhotopic response in accordance with ASTM E1710 paragraph 6.3.2 
RL Range (mcd/m²/lx)0 to 8,000
Qd Range (mcd/m²/lx)0 to 400
Entrance angle88.76° per ASTM E1710
Illumination angle1.24° per EN1436
Observation angle1.05° per ASTM E1710
Observation angle2.29° per EN1436
Illumination angle QdDiffuse
Illumination Area2.4in. x 7.9in. (6cm x 20cm); 19 sq-in (120cm.)
Profiled marking measurementUp to 0.59-in (15 mm)
Measurement TimeRL only: <0.1 sec; RL and color: <0.1 sec; RL and Qd: <0.2 sec; RL, color, and Qd: <0.2 sec
Battery Charger100-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz mains wall charger
Data Memory25,000 measurements
Computer InterfaceUSB & Bluetooth
Operating Temperature0° to 50°C (32° to 122°F)
Operating Humidity0 to 95% non-condensing
Dimensions28.7in (73.0cm) L x 7.1in (18.1cm) W x 8.0in (20.3cm) H w/ handle retracted. 25.7in (65.4cm) w/ handle extended
WeightInstrument: 14.9 lbs. (6.8 kg)

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