922 Handheld Sign Retroreflectometer

The RoadVista model 922 is a handheld sign retroreflectometer designed for use in the field. It is designed to measure the retroreflection (RA) of road signs and other materials.

Reliable and field-proven, the 922 platform delivers a simple, economical solution for improving and maintaining roadway safety by providing a zero-error means of assessing reflectivity data and inventory management control. The included software allows for data management in Excel spreadsheets and Google Maps, or just as easily uploads into GIS software via built-in Bluetooth. A built-in barcode reader, along with GPS, makes adding retroreflectivity readings to existing inventory management systems easy — with many GIS systems recognizing the 922 firmware right out of the box.

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Ensures a cost effective, safe, absolute means of meeting the minimum retroreflectivity requirements for traffic signs. Captures measurements for any type of retroreflective material and measures to ensure compliance with MUTCD minimum retroreflectivity requirements.


It is the industry-leading and best solution for ensuring a cost effective, safe, zero error means of meeting the MUTCD, and other retroreflectivity requirements of traffic signs. The user-friendly 922 comes standard with internal GPS, Bluetooth, barcode reader, Pelican™ carrying case, two rechargeable batteries, data integration software, and expert customer service. The touch-screen interface is designed with the field operator in mind so they can quickly get all the sign information recorded. The layout is simple and intuitive allowing the operator to quickly scroll through signs, add or adjust comments, or check GPS satellite connectivity while spending less time. Retroreflection measurement time is less than 1 second after the trigger is pulled, making the 922 the fastest retroreflectometer available.

  • Measures signs to ensure compliance with the new MUTCD minimum retroreflectivity requirements
  • Measures all types of retroreflective materials with a single measurement
  • Meets ASTM, CIE & DIN specifications
  • US Patent# 7,961,328
  • Utilizes annular measurement geometry – no averaging of measurements on micro-prismatic material necessary
  • Dual observation angles of 0.2° and 0.5° for patented simultaneous measurements
  • Measurement time is less than 1 second
  • World-class photopic-corrected detector and source “A”
  • Requires only one reference standard without any correction factors
  • Self-contained commercially available battery
  • Digital color-TFT LCD touch-screen display
  • Built-in GPS
  • Made in the USA


ModelModel 922Model 922D
Applicable Standards

ASTM E1709

ASTM E2540

AS/NZS 1906.1

EN 12899-1

DIN 67520

Entrance Angle-4°+5°
Observation Angle0.2° and 0.5°.33°
Light Source Angular Aperture.1°.1°
Receiver Angular Aperture (annular).1°.1°
Field of Measurement1 inch (25 mm) 
diameter spot
1 inch (25 mm) 
diameter spot
General Specifications



Photopic response in accordance with ASTM

E1709 paragraph 6.4.2 and ASTM E2540

paragraph 6.4.2

Range (cd/lx/m2)0-2000
Data Memory

5600 measurements

(enough for 2-3 months of normal use)

Computer InterfaceUSB and Bluetooth

12-Channel WAAS Enabled for <3 meter position

fix uncertainty

Barcode ReaderProgrammable Symbologies Laser Scanner
Power Supply

Removable 12 VDC, 2.4 Ah battery

(DeWalt P/N DC9071)


100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz (add -1 to model no.)

12 VDC cigarette lighter (add -2 to model no.)



0° to 50° C (32° to 122° F)
Operating Humidity0 to 95% non-condensing

11.5-in (290 mm) L x 4.5-in (115 mm) W x 12.75-

in (325mm) H including battery

Weight5.9 lbs (2.7 kg) with battery

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