RoadVista Awarded Patent For Retroreflection Technology

932 Retroreflectometer for Sign Sheeting & Safety Clothing

Advanced technology allows simultaneous, multiple-angle retroreflection measurement

RoadVista, a Gamma Scientific Company and leading manufacturer of precision highway-safety measurement instruments, today announced it has been awarded a patent for the technology underlying its innovative handheld, multiple-angle retroreflectometers. U.S. Patent # 7,961,328 B2 has been awarded for the technology’s unique ability to simultaneously measure two or more annular bands of retroreflected light, as well as provide users with continuous, user-adjustable entrance and observation angles. This technology is field-proven in RoadVista’s Model 922 and Model 932 handheld retroreflectometers, which also feature lab-grade accuracy and comprehensive data management tools.

The Model 922: Simultaneous, Dual-Angle Measurement

The industry's only annular aperture instrument, the Model 922 measures observation angles of 0.2°and 0.5°, with an entrance angle of -4°(European specifications also available). Thus, at the push of a button, the user knows exactly how bright a sign will appear to most drivers. In addition, the annular geometry eliminates the need to average two measurements with prismatic-type materials to match laboratory results. Further, this touch-screen instrument offers a wealth of data-collection and analysis features, making it an ideal sign inventory management tool: record retroreflectivity data, GPS location, date/time, and sign identification and information. Bluetooth capability allows data to be sent wirelessly, in real-time, to many leading GIS systems. A telescoping extension pole with wireless remote control allows easy measurement of overhead mounted signs. Three different models cover the ASTM, ANSI, DIN and CEN specifications.

The Model 932: Adjustable Entrance and Observation Angle

The Model 932 is the industry's first handheld, multi-geometry retroreflectometer to fully characterize both retroreflection (RA) and retroreflected nighttime color (CIE 1931 xy) of road signs and high-visibility safety clothing. Rivaling the accuracy of lab-grade systems, it is also a cost-effective way for agencies to test to complete incoming specification for retroreflectivity. Featuring an adjustable entrance angle (-45° to +45°) and adjustable observation angle (0.2° to 2.0°) the instrument makes it easy to fully characterize retroreflective sheeting including ASTM D4956 compliance, and perform high-visibility clothing retroreflective testing to EN471 and ANSI107 specifications. The Model 932 also meets ASTM, CIE, BS and DIN specifications. Additional features include a large TFT color touch screen, built-in averaging, data storage, user-specified measurement angle, readout of x and y chromaticity coordinates and standard bluetooth wireless interface and USB interface for remote computer control and GPS compatibility.

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