RoadVista Debuts Next-Generation, Multi-Geometry Handheld Retroreflectometer

Multi-Geometry Retroreflectometer

The Model 932 fully characterizes retroreflection and retroreflected nighttime color of road signs and high-visibility safety clothing

RoadVista, a Gamma Scientific Company and leading manufacturer of precision highway-safety measurement instruments, today announced the Model 932, the industry's first handheld, multi-geometry retroreflectometer to fully characterize both retroreflection (RA) and retroreflected nighttime color (CIE 1931 xy) of road signs, high-visibility safety clothing and other materials. Superseding the company's popular 930C handheld retroreflectometer, this patent-pending design allows users to know, at the push of a button, exactly how bright retroreflective surfaces appear to most drivers and whether color falls within the defined color box. Rugged, compact and easy to use, the Model 932 is optimal for field, lab and QA/QC environments.

The Model 932's adjustable entrance angle (-45o to +45o) and adjustable observation angle (0.2o to 2.0o) make it easy to completely characterize even the most hard-to-reach retrotroreflectors, and perform high-visibility clothing retroreflective testing to EN471 and ANSI107 specifications. The instrument also meets ASTM, CIE, BS and DIN specifications. The unit's large TFT color touch-screen display further facilitates measurement ease with built-in averaging, internal storage for more than 32,000 data points, user-specified measurement angle, readout of x and y chromaticity coordinates and more. A standard bluetooth wireless interface and USB interface allow for remote computer control and GPS compatibility.

“Until now, there hasn't been an effective way to characterize nighttime color of retroreflectors in the field”, said Eric Nelson, senior engineer and sales manager with RoadVista. “Traditionally, nighttime color is characterized only at the time of retroreflector manufacture. The Model 932 provides invaluable nighttime color data that manufacturers and highway-safety personnel have never had access to. It's an exciting step forward in retroreflection measurement technology.”

The 932 requires only one reference standard without any correction factors. Its sensitive light sensor mets ASTM E1709 and ASTM E2540 requirements with the CIE standard human eye response in conjunction with the CIE illuminant “A” lamp. RoadVista's world-class photometric filter fit is unmatched by the competition and allows extremely accurate measurement of other colors using the single white reference standard with no correction factors.

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