RoadVista Releases Enhanced Data Acquisition for the Laserlux Mobile Retroreflectometer

Laserlux Retroreflectometer Tablet Compatibility

New acquisition system allows for simpler in vehicle operation, more powerful data capture and greater reliability.

RoadVista, a Gamma Scientific company, has announced upgrades to the Laserlux® CEN 30 mobile retroreflectometer including a new data acquisition system. The Laserlux is used to quickly capture the retroreflectivity of pavement markings while traveling at highway speeds. The new acquisition system allows for simpler in vehicle operation, more powerful data capture and greater reliability.

Enhanced Data Acquisition for Improved Performance

Improved performance in the Laserlux data acquisition system is the result of upgrades to both the software and hardware of the instrument. RoadVista has added touch screen tablet PC compatibility to allow for simple in-vehicle operation of the Laserlux while driving. The sample rate is now at 200 kHz, allowing the device to capture more than 30,000 data points in a single 1.1 meter wide scan of the laser source. Scan resolution has also been upgraded to 16 bit, allowing the Laserlux to measure pavement markings from 0 to 4000 mcd/m2/lux with higher resolution than previous systems. Enhancements to the Laserlux’s USB data acquisition result in even greater reliability. This upgrade is standard delivery with all new systems, and available for all existing Laserlux CEN 30 systems already out in the field.

“At RoadVista our team is constantly working to enhance the performance of our retroreflectometers,” said Eric Nelson, RoadVista Product Manager. “Our new data acquisition system will further increase the Laserlux’s industry leading accuracy and reliability, while also providing compatibility with the rapidly growing tablet market.”

Real-Time Pavement Marking Retroreflectivity Measurements

The Laserlux CEN 30 mobile retroreflectometer contains proven optical measurement technology that objectively measures the retroreflectivity of pavement markings using a scanning laser source. Measurements are collected quickly and accurately by incorporating new, high-speed data acquisition electronics and software. The Laserlux provides real-time pavement marking reflectivity and can be used either day or night at variable traffic speeds.

Laserlux Mobile Retroreflectometer Features

    • Utilizes ASTM E1710 and CEN 30-meter geometry with more than six inches of ground clearance
RoadVista Laserlux Retroreflectometer
  • Computer-controlled USB acquisition
  • Real-time high speed measurements
  • Scanning width of 1.1 meters
  • WAAS-enabled GPS gives exact vehicle location with stripe data
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