StripeMaster® 2 Touch Retroreflectometer

Proven retroreflectometer and pavement marking management tool that measures road marking retroreflection, visibility, and automatically saves key data.

Agencies and contractors require a rapid and efficient way to verify the retroreflectivity of pavement markings. The StripeMaster® 2 Touch is a highly reliable, field-proven tool for safe and consistent measurement values with minimal operator training.

Through a simple place, shoot, read, and record process, the system provides an all-in-one pavement marking asset management system.

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The StripeMaster® 2 Touch is equipped with an internal GPS, Bluetooth, ambient temperature thermometer, humidity hygrometer and printer. The internal memory has the capacity to store more than 25,000 measurements.


A full color touch screen and user-friendly menus make recording measurements fast and easy. Operators can attach PASS/FAIL criteria, installation dates, thickness, bead types, material types, color, pavement types, location and more directly to the readings, allowing a full database of the pavement marking information to be automatically generated.


Measurements can be made in 0.2 seconds and the instrument is ready for the next measurement in less than 2 seconds. This means the user spends less time on the road, which increases worker safety. The StripeMaster® 2 Touch can measure flat or profiled markings up to 0.59 inches (15 mm) in height. It will also measure in both dry and wet conditions and in all ambient lighting conditions, day or night.


An intuitive, touch-screen interface leads to faster measurement times and the retroreflectometer features easy data export for comprehensive documentation and tracking. Uploading collected data to a computer is easy with USB or Bluetooth connectivity.


The included data integration software exports the data in CSV, KML, XML and Shape-file formats for maximum compatibility with most GIS databases.

  • ASTM E1710 and EN 1436 compliant
  • Repeatability within +/-2%, Reproducibility +/- 5%
  • Measures retroreflectivity of white and yellow pavement markings
  • Measures flat and profiled markings up to 15 mm on dry, wet or continuous rain surfaces without additional attachments
  • Light weight with lockable, rotating handle for easy use and convenient trigger height for single hand operation that minimizes operator fatigue
  • Top-mounted color-TFT LCD permits direct viewing of readings
  • Stores up to 25,000 data points with removable flash drive for easy data transfer and standard USB/wireless Bluetooth computer interface
  • Complete remote operation, data acquisition and management software with mapping
  • Two removable battery packs and one hour charger, eliminating any downtime
  • Internal GPS and printer, data file formats saved in SHP, XML, KML and CSV format
  • Measurements and calibrations are not affected by ambient conditions, no light trap required for calibration
  • Calibration standard traceable to the USA national standards lab, microprocessor controlled calibration with auto-zero
  • Stabilizer supplied for rough surface situations and removable wheels for extended measurements
  • Foam-lined watertight, indestructible carrying case that fits behind standard pick-up truck bench seat
Data Parameters
Measures retroreflectivity RL per ASTM E1710 and EN1436
Measures retroreflectivity in continuous wetting (rain) per ASTM E2832
Measures retroreflectivity in wet conditions per ASTM E2177
Records GPS coordinates with each measurement utilizing 56-Channel WAAS-, EGNOS-, MSAS- enabled for <2.5 meter position fix uncertainty.
Optional averaging of multiple measurements
Custom file information for storing job name / type / user
Extensive measurement range for accurate low to high precision range
Large memory capacity to accommodate large projects between data downloads
USB computer interface for data transfer and instrument configuration
Data integration software compatible with Excel and Google Maps
Calibration certification
Temperature and humidity recorded with each measurement
User customized data fields – location on road, install date, material type, etc.
User customized settings for pass / fail criteria


Design Parameters
Built-in printer for on-site paper records as required
4-position swivel handle for operation from any direction
Retractable magnetic stabilizer bar for easy storage
Quick change battery charger
Color touch screen interface
Certified calibration block for easy and fast field calibration
Durable carrying case for storage and transport
Accurately measures all industry standard colors
Bluetooth interface for wireless operation
18-volt rechargeable, 3.3 Ah industry-standard battery
Spare 18-volt rechargeable, 3.3 Ah industry-standard battery pack


General Specifications
Detector ResponsivityPhotopic response in accordance with ASTM E1710 paragraph 6.3.2 
RL Range (mcd/m²/lx)0 to 3,500
Entrance angle88.76° per ASTM E1710
Illumination angle1.24° per EN1436
Observation angle1.05° per ASTM E1710
Observation angle2.29° per EN1436
Illumination Area2.4in. x 7.9in. (6cm x 20cm); 19 sq-in (120cm²)
Profiled marking measurementUp to 0.59-in (15 mm)
Measurement Time<0.2 sec
Charger Options100-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz mains wall charger;  12 VDC cigarette lighter
Data Memory25,000 measurements
Computer InterfaceUSB & Bluetooth
Operating Temperature0° to 50° C (32° to 122° F)
Operating Humidity0 to 95% non-condensing
Dimensions37-in (93 cm) L x 10.5-in (27 cm) W x 4.4-in (11 cm) H including battery
WeightInstrument: 18.4 lbs (8.4 kg); Battery Pack: 1.45 lbs (0.66 kg); Wheel Assembly: 1.10 lbs (0.5 kg)

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