RoadVista Awards Professional Pavement Products Exclusive National Distribution Rights

922 Sign Retroreflectometer

Professional Pavement Products Will Manage Sales and Marketing Efforts for Roadvista's 922 Handheld Sign Retroreflectometer

RoadVista announced today that they have awarded exclusive national distribution rights of their 922 Handheld Sign Retroreflectometer to Professional Pavement Products, Inc., a Florida based sales, marketing and distribution company, specializing in pavement maintenance and marking products with regional distribution centers located in Jacksonville, Florida and Houston, Texas. The decision to award Professional Pavement Products with national distribution rights resulted from several successes achieved through smaller co-op marketing and distribution agreements. The national distribution rights are a natural expansion of the existing agreement that covered several states in the southeast and southwest.

“We are excited for the opportunity to utilize our experience and expertise in this industry to exclusively market, distribute and sell such an innovative product as the 922.”said Greg Driskell, President of Professional Pavement Products, Inc. “It gives us a chance to expand our unique and effective regional business model to a national level.”

The 922 is used in measuring the retroreflectivity of traffic signs and is useful in maintaining the regulations set forth in the Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices’ (MUTCD’s) “Final Rule”. The Final Rule established minimum retroreflectivity and contrast levels for all traffic signs and set deadlines for all signs to meet these regulations. Under the Final Rule, which became effective January 22, 2008, all departments in charge of sign maintenance are required to establish and implement a system of sign measurement and replacement by January 22, 2012. Likewise, all signs must meet minimum levels by January 22, 2015 for regulatory, warning and ground-mounted signs and by January 22, 2018 for street name and overhead guide signs.

Features of the 922 include a back-lit LCD touch screen, built-in GPS and barcode reader, simultaneous measurements at two angles, storage of 4500 readings, data-logging software and simple point-and-shoot operation. Using a retroreflectometer eliminates the need for dangerous and unreliable visual nighttime inspections and provides a definitive “pass or fail” score for sign retroreflectivity levels.

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