RoadVista Introduces Portable, Raised-Pavement Marker Reflectometer

Field unit enables fast, easy retroreflection measurement of all RPMs

RoadVista, a Gamma Scientific company, today announced the Model 1200F, a next-generation field-service retroreflectometer designed for fast, easy retroreflection (RI) measurement of all raised-pavement markers (RPMs) on wet or dry surfaces. The instrument includes an internal GPS, onboard printer and storage for up to 10,000 datapoints. Lightweight construction and wheels further facilitate measurement ease.

Based on RoadVista's successful MX-30 Stripemaster design, the Model 1200F was built with simplicity in mind. At the push of a button, the user captures an individual datapoint, global position and timestamp simultaneously. Press another button to generate hardcopy on the spot. Additionally, the user can import data via an RS-232C interface to any standard computer. RoadVista mapping software enables data plotting on a clickable and printable map to quickly identify problem areas that need attention.

The Model 1200F also meets ASTM, CIE and DIN specifications, includes a top-mounted LCD for direct view of readings and incorporates a world-class photopic-corrected detector and source that meets ASTM E1696, paragraph 6.1.4. Two models are available: the 1200F for North America, and the 1200FE for Europe. Moreover, in spite of its light weight, the unit is exceptionally durable - its tough aluminum housing readily withstands the rigors of everyday field use.

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