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UDT Instruments Colorimeter

UDT Instruments, a Gamma Scientific company, has a rich history which can be traced to 1967, when a small group at United Detector Technology (UDT) began manufacturing the first commercially available transimpedance amplifiers for planar-diffused and Schottky barrier silicon photosensors. From there, the group went on to pioneer leading-edge technology for photometers, radiometers, fiberoptic power meters, and optical position sensing instruments. By the time the 1980s rolled around, this innovative and highly successful group grew into an autonomous entity known as UDT Instruments (UDTi).

The momentum generated by UDTi’s precision photometric instruments ultimately spurred the company to develop an inventive handheld CRT colorimeter for the growing television and computer peripherals markets. UDTi’s SLS 9400 colorimeter promises to strengthen the company’s position as a leader in precision electro-optics instrumentation while meeting the stringent demands of a multitude of CRT calibration requirements.

Today, UDTi is poised and ready to pursue even greater technological excellence with only one goal in mind: to meet or exceed the ever-changing needs of its customers worldwide.