Road Sign and Traffic Sign Test Services

Road Sign and Traffic Sign Test Services

940D Photometric Range System

RoadVista offers an extensive range of road sign and traffic sign test services in our 15-meter photometric range that exceed the specifications of ASTM E810. Our calibrations meet the specifications of various test methods, including ASTM, SAE, ITE, ITS, CEN and many others.

As a division of Gamma Scientific, RoadVista can also perform NVLAP accredited laboratory testing under the Energy Efficient Lighting Products Program. This includes accreditation for LEDs, Photometric Measurements, Solid State Lighting Luminaires – Total Flux Measurements (Luminous Efficacy) and Solid State Lighting Luminaires – Luminous Intensity Measurements.

Retroreflection Measurements of Pavement Markers, Sign Sheeting, Clothing and Raised Pavement Markers

  • Daytime color
  • Nighttime color
  • Retroreflection (ASTM RL, RA, RI)

Lamp, Traffic Signal, and Message Board Measurements

  • Angular luminous intensity
  • Angular illuminance
  • Angular luminance
  • Angular color and chromaticity