Laserlux® G7 Mobile Retroreflectometer

laserlux g7 retroreflectometer

Road Stripe Assessment at Highway Speeds

Agencies have always recognized the important correlation between pavement markings’ visibility, retroreflectivity and roadway safety. As automated and autonomous vehicles become more prolific, good markings become even more critical for continued safe operation on mixed-use roads. These agencies are embarking on the challenge of assessing and managing the pavement markings of their entire roadway system. The Laserlux® G7 is the safe, smart and simple solution to meet this challenge. The Laserlux® G7 provides continuous pavement marking assessment and evaluation within the flow of traffic. It is the only commercially available instrument that does not require a dedicated vehicle or vehicle modifications to operate.

Three versions from which to choose:

  • LLG7: Mobile Assessment of Retroreflectivity
  • LLG7-Vision: Mobile Assessment of Visible and Infrared for Machine Vision
  • LLG7-Color: Mobile Assessment of Retroreflectivity and Color

Laserlux G7 Side View Angled

 Standard Features


  • Laser-diode based system – virtually maintenance free
  • Counts and inventories reflective pavement markers (RPMs, cat eyes, road studs)
  • Measures double lines individually with separate RL values for each line
  • Measures the contrast between the pavement and the line
  • Measures the nighttime perceived pavement marking line width
  • Operation of the unit is Wi-Fi wireless from any device – phone, computer, tablet, etc. No software or apps to install
  • Proven laser-based optics that scans pavement markings more than 400 times per second
  • Auto-positioning system for continuous measurement and geometry management
  • High definition video recording
  • Squid-Mount™ securely attaches to virtually any vehicle
  • Provides continuous retroreflectivity measurements at all speeds up to the posted speed limit
  • Secure Wi-Fi operation and onboard data storage allows for near wireless function aside from a single 12-volt power cable outlet to the vehicle
  • Data is stored in a removable USB flash drive – don’t waste time downloading your data at the end of the day. Simply take the flash drive with you and plug it into your laptop
  • Fast, easy, accurate calibration – completely self-contained with no need to measure distances or find level ground
  • Measures and records the width of the stripe
  • Meets ASTM E1710 and EN1436 – 30 METER GEOMETRY
    • 15 METER GEOMETRY available as an option


RoadVista is the pioneer of mobile retroreflectivity measurements and testing, having developed the first Laserlux® mobile retroreflectometer under a grant from the U.S. Federal Highway Administration more than 20 years ago. RoadVista has been able to leverage that success, compiling input from our large customer base to develop the simplest to use, most automated, instrument in the world. Not only does the Laserlux® G7 measure pavement marking retroreflectivity, but it is able to provide additional key metrics like stripe width, location on the road, coverage, and presence, performance and location of raised retroreflective pavement markers (RPM’s, cateyes, road studs).


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GeometryCEN 30-meter15-meter
Entrance Angle88.76° ± 0.01° (ASTM E1710)86.50° ± 0.01°
Illumination Angle1.24° ± 0.01° (EN1436)N/A
Observation Angle1.05° ± 0.01° (ASTM E1710)1.50° ± 0.01°
Observation Angle2.29° ± 0.01° (EN1436)N/A
Receiver Aperture0.24°0.24°
Measurement Distance6 meters
(19 feet, 8.22 inches)
4.2 meters
(13 feet, 9.35 inches)
Measurement Width1 meter (39.4 inches)
Operating Temperature Range-7 to 50°C (20 to 122°F)
Operating Humidity Range5 to 95% R.H. non-condensing
Measurement Rate400+ measurements per second of a line
Longitudinal Resolution of MeasurementBetter than 3 inches at speeds up to 100 km/h (62 mph)
Wireless Control via any PC, Tablet, or Smart PhoneiPad, Android, Windows, etc.
Vehicle PlatformMounts to almost any vehicle using removable mounting bracket
Size10” X 10.5” X 20”
(255mm X 265mm X 505mm)
WeightLess than 12 kg (26.4 lbs)
Additional ReadingsMeasures and counts Raised Pavement Markers (cat eyes, road studs, RPM’s)
Measures double lines individually with separate RL values for each line
Measures the night-time perceived pavement marking line width
High Definition video recording
OptionsInfrared retroreflectivity measurements
Night-time color measurements of white and yellow pavement markings