RoadVista Laserlux G7 and Connected Vehicles

RoadVista’s Laserlux G7, the LLG7, is a low-cost tool used to quickly and easily evaluate road lines to ensure they are visible to both the human drivers and autonomous vehicles.

Tesla Model X, Laserlux G7, and Texas A&M Transportation Institute

Our Laserlux G7 Vision system is highlighted installed on Professional Pavement Products’ Tesla Model X in Texas A&M Transportation Institute’s videos. We have all partnered together to research ways in which roadway infrastructure can be improved to advance the safety of autonomous vehicles and mixed use roads where human-driven and driverless vehicles can co-exist.

How Pavement Markings are Measured

Coefficient of Retroreflected Luminance (RL ) is the most commonly used measurement of retroreflectance in highway marking. RL is the ratio of the luminance (L) of a surface to the normal illuminance (E) on the surface. In the laboratory this definition works well with testing procedures. This excerpt is taken from the RoadVista Guide to […]