1000 Retroreflection Monitoring System

The Model 1000 Retroreflection Online Monitoring System is a measurement system specially designed for retroreflective sheeting material production line monitoring.

Optional computer-controlled data acquisition, display and recording capabilities make the system particularly powerful. This option – incorporating a Microsoft Windows based computer, a data acquisition board and user-friendly control software – enables analog to digital data conversion, system calibration (converts voltage to retroreflection unit), graphical data display and data storage. Optionally, you can record production line parameters such as conveyer position, speed and material thickness with the appropriate sensors. Furthermore, user-adjustable “data ranking” is particularly useful. If results are below the lower rank, or above the higher rank, an alarm signal sounds.

Incorporating one projection light source and two observation angle photo detectors, the Model 1000 provides simultaneous measurement of two observation angles of 0.2° and 0.5°. Both projection and receiver optics are collimated and optical design meets both ASTM and CIE specifications for retroreflection measurement.


    Retroreflection Monitoring System

  • Continuous retroreflectivity measurements of sheeting material
  • High speed data logging capabilities
  • Meets both ASTM and CIE specifications
  • Two observation angles of 0.2° and 0.5° are simultaneously measured
  • User adjustable alarms to alert of any production line problems
  • External light source for easy lamp replacement

Model 1000 Retroreflection Monitoring System Datasheet